Our offer

We offer you the highest quality seedlings for plantation establishment commodity. Quality is confirmed by the minutes of the annual inspection by the State Inspectorate of Commerce.

Our offer includes:

    (VacciniumCorymbosum L.)
    biennial plants:
    P9 pots – 5,00 PLN / pcs.
    1.5l pots – 7,00 PLN / pcs. 1 grade.
    1.5l pots – 6,00 zł. / pcs. 2 grade.
    Three year – old plants:
    1.5l pots – 10,00 PLN. / pcs.
    3.0L pot – 12,00 PLN. / pcs.
  • CRANBERRY SEEDLINGS (VacciniumMacrocarponAit)
    2-year old seedlings, several shoots, creeping. Shoot length 40-50cm; 1.5 liter pots.
    Price: 5 PLN / net pc
    Two-year old seedlings
    Price: 5 PLN / net pc
    Three year old seedlings
    Price: 7 PLN / net pc

The above prices do not include 8% VAT.
For orders over 2000 pieces a discount is granted.
Price negotiations are run only at the nursery garden.
Before arrival, please pick up the phone.