We create nursery stock from half- wooden seedlings in polytunnels in early July. Rooted seedlings are stored for next spring in a tent, then we nurse them. In September, our material is perfect to put in place permanently.

We currently produce seedlings in several varieties:

Early varieties Earliblue, Duke, Sunrise, Patriot, Spartan, Bluejay

Medium varieties: Bluecrop, Berkeley, Nelson, Toro

Late varieties: Bluegold, Darrow, Lateblue

Guarantee high quality of our material is vetting nursery and planting carried out every year by the Mazowiecki Inspectorate of Plant Protection and Seed Set in Wesoła near Warsaw.

Prospective growers, buyers in our nursery are provided with expert advice.

Prior to founding the plantation, select a variety of natural conditions and economic factors that prevail in the region of the country. Depending on the time of ripening varieties are distinguished:


Earliblue shrub growing strongly, has stiff stems; high resistance to frost. Berries are large and very large, slightly flattened, not crack after rain

Duke shrub grows vigorously, it is resistant to frost. Fruit medium and large, are suitable for transport. Suitable for plantation commodity

Spratan variety of very fertile. Fruit medium to large, very tasty. Are suitable for transport. Also suitable for planting freight

Sunrise variety moderately fertile. Fruit medium-sized, tasty

Patriot fertile variety. The fruit is very large and medium. Resistant to frost


Berkeley very fertile variety, resistant to frost. Large, spherical fruits

Bluecrop very fertile variety, resistant to frost. The fruit is large, spherical, slightly flattened, covered with a waxy bloom. Resistant to frost and low sensitivity to drought. Recommended for plantations stores

Bluegold variety fertile weak growth. The fruit is large, flattened at the stem, aromatic

Bluejay fertile variety, resistant to frost, sensitive to drought, evenly ripening

Nelson is growing strongly, shoots raised. The fruit is large, firm, even size

Toro relatively persistent frost, large and spherical fruits ripen evenly


Chandler variety fertile bush habit erected. Fruit very large, flattened. Collection period from early August to mid-September

Darrow variety moderately fertile, but the fruit large and very large, flattened, with a taste of sweet wine

Lateblue strongly spit, has upright habit. Fruit of medium size, late maturing, sensitive to autumn frosts